Saturday, May 24, 2014

No photos today...

... because the camera sensor needs a good clean. In the last week a number of horrible dust marks have attached to what looks like the sensor in the camera - the spots are in every photo, not viewable on the optical viewfinder and are the same even after changing lenses. It's time to take it in to a professional to give it a check out. I suppose I am unable to complain, since it has been almost 5 years since I purchased it :-)

It's unfortunate that I didn't get any photos today as the weather has been just about perfect for photography at the airport. High winds, crosswind also, may some of the arrivals look funky and the departures more so. I saw a BAE J31 Jetstream being moved around for quite some time after departure - I guess that was a very busy time for the crew [not sure if they had an passenger on board]. This was one of those days where I am very happy to have been stuck on the ground!

Needless to say, with winds gusts up over 100kph [around 54 knots] at times, there has been no GA flying in the area either.

Anyway, the camera will take a few days for me to get sorted, so hopefully some more photos next week!


Aviation Test Equipment said...

I hope your camera gets fixed soon. The aviation photos that you are sharing are always interesting :)

Rodney said...

Thanks! It's back now, so I just have to find something interesting to photograph :-)