Thursday, July 31, 2014

Wellington to London: Abu Dhabi International Airport, Virgin Australia, Etihad and Jet Airways

Following on from my last post, I spent about 8 hours at Abu Dhabi International Airport [OMAA]. It's a nice enough airport - thankfully well air conditioned [it was comfortable inside but about 41` deg celsius outside....!] - and easy to get around.

Transit security was interesting. On first look, it appeared to be organised mayhem [minus the "organised" bit] but in fact it went quite quickly and very smoothly. They were concerned that all metal came off, but LAGs [Liquids Aerosols and Gels] did not need to be separated. There was lots of noise, but none of it directed at the passengers from what I could see.

Terminal 3 [where we arrived and departed from] is fairly spread out. I was a little surprised that eating options were a little limited, but there was a bar, a Burger King and a reasonable selection of other outlets - just not as much as I would have expected in a terminal of this size and stature.

Anyway, on to the photos of aircraft. In this post I have a few sample photos of Virgin Australia, Etihad and Jet Airways aircraft. Top to bottom are:

Boeing B777-3ZG/ER, VH-VPD, registered to Virgin Australia
Boeing B777-3FX/ER, A6-ETE, registered to Etihad
Airbus A330-243, A6-EYR, registered to Etihad
Airbus A330-223, A6-EYC, registered to Jet Airways [Etihad]

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