Saturday, September 13, 2014

Old tail-cam footage from an Air NZ B737-200 flying into Wellington

I stumbled across the following awesome footage [from 1996] of an Air NZ Boeing 737-200, ZK-NAT, flying a visual approach into Wellington. What you see in the video is the aircraft joining right-hand downwind from just west of Island Bay, continuing over the city then a right turn in to land.

Just a pity the current crop of Air NZ aircraft don't have tail [or nose] mounted cameras :-)

Anyway, enjoy the video!


Anonymous said...

Recently took a trip with Emirates and Qantas with cams, great watching takeoff and landing on it. Should be mandatory on all planes.

Rodney said...

Yeah. I was on an Etihad flight into Abu Dhabi about 3 weeks ago. It had a nose camera [maybe belly also..?]. Very low res, but pretty cool watching the landing and taxi in.