Saturday, December 20, 2014

Air ambulances and a random chopper

In this post I have 2 fixed wing and 1 rotary wing air ambulances and another helicopter which I know absolutely nothing much about :-)

Top to bottom are:

Beech C90A Kingair, ZK-ZZA, registered to Skyline Aviation of a Napier address
Fairchild SA227-AC Metroliner, ZK-NSS, registered to Airwork Flight Operations of Auckland, but operated as the Life Flight Air Ambulance
Agusta A109E, ZK-ITR, registered to Helilink, but operated as the Taranaki Community Helicopter Rescue
Eurocopter AS350B2, ZK-IMJ, registered to Precision Helicopters of a Urenui [Taranaki] address


Allister said...

Is that a Eurocopter AS350B2, or an Airbus Helicopters AS350B2?

Rodney said...

Same diff... I just take the info off the CAA website, as it *should* be authoritative (even if not 100% uo to date)