Thursday, January 01, 2015

Air NZ's 75th anniversary exhibition at Te Papa

It is New Year's Day and there noting much happening, so I decided to head down to Te Papa to see the exhibition celebrating Air NZ's 75th anniversary.

It was OK, something for everyone, but nothing that exciting. Well worth the entry price though [entry is free] :-) yes, they are selling grossly overpriced "souvenirs", but I'm not going to pay $100 for a small plastic plane.

Yeah, I'm not that positive, but as they say in the adverts, your results may vary!

There were three interesting displays though - the first is a large model of the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner and outside is the B737 cockpit section with an interesting poster on the back. Nice!


Allister said...

There's a variation on that poster on a roadside billboard at Paekakariki. The one you see when heading south past Steam Incorporated. I've been driving each time I've seen it so haven't studied it, but it says something like "flying NZers for 75 years... and a little boating" and has ZK-AMA on it – I think the same photo.

Rodney said...

Yeah, it's a pretty cool poster.

It might be a bit mean, but it's almost like it's aimed solely at women and children - lots of old uniforms, some entertainment for the kids, a few seats to sit in. Ok - a couple of other things like the CFM56. I reckon a couple of basic flight sims for adults would have been cool :-)... but then, I'm not their target for this...