Friday, April 24, 2015

RAF, RAAF & Marine Nationale

There seems to be a stream of foreign military aircraft on our shores at the moment! It wasn't long since the Armee de L'Air CASA CN235 was here, and now we have three more aircraft.

First up, and a long, long way from home is a Royal Air Force Lockheed-Martin C130J-30, ZH865. It looks rather patched up, but I'm sure the RAF would have it in top operational condition.

Lockheed-Martin C130J-30, ZH865, operated by the Royal Air Force

Next up is the Royal Australian Air Force Boeing 737-7DT BBJ, A36-001. It's a nice looking machine and I can't help wonder if our politions aren't at least a wee bit jealous of the Aussies on this one :-)

Boeing 737-7DT BBJ, A36-001, operated by the Royal Australian Air Force

Last up is a Marine Nationale [French Navy] Dassault Falcon 20G Gardian.

Dassault Falcon 20G Gardian, Marine Nationale

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