Sunday, July 12, 2015

Cessna Centurion and a Pilatus PC12 cockpit

Today's interesting visitor was this Cessna T210R Centurion, which is registered to B B Aviation of a Fielding address. There aren't too many of these aircraft on the NZ register. The last time I saw this particular aircraft was also in Wellington, back in October 2010.

Cessna T210R, ZK-TRO, operated by B B Aviation
The second photo is a follow-on from yesterday's pictures of Sounds Air's Pilatus PC12/45, ZK-PLS. Today I was given permission to have a look inside, and I have to say, the front office looks really nice :-) The passenger seats looked comfortable enough also - I'm quite looking forward to ride in one of these in the near future.

Cockpit of Pilatus PC12/45, ZK-PLS, operated by Sounds Air

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aircraft hangar door said...

it looks so difficult to flight with these things...