Thursday, July 23, 2015

Two more from Taupo, including a mystery...

Here are two more "local" Taupo aircraft from today's brief stop at Taupo.

First up is Pacific Aerospace PAC750XL, ZK-SDT, operated by Skydive Taupo. This is the second use of ZK-SDT that I can find... the first being on another PAC750XL, which had an untimely demise in the waters of Lake Taupo. I particularly like the paint job on this one!

Pacific Aerospace PAC750XL, ZK-SDT, operated by Skydive Taupo
Next up is a mysterious Commonwealth CA-25 Winjeel. Some sources have this registered as ZK-WJL, although this doesn't show up on the CAA Aircraft Register that I can see. Any ideas anyone?

Commonwealth CA-25 Winjeel. Maybe ZK-WJL?


Nicks BIGSKY Aviation said...

maybe this one Grashopper.

minicooper said...

I came up with this,

Rodney said...

Thank you gents. I've also had comment that it may have been deregistered and been static for a long time... Cheers!

Andrew M said...

Hi Rodney

NZ Civil Aircraft has something about its history:, including a flight to Wanaka in 2010.

It rather does look as if it has been de-registered. I think I've heard that the owner has been overseas for a while.