Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A reader request - pictures of Cessna A152 "aerobat" logo???

I've received a request for an image of the aerobat logo as found on some Cessna A152's. This is to be used non-commercially, to assist with a repaint of an overseas FRA152M, The particular logo in question is the one shown below, not the one that appears on a lot of tails.

Related to this, does anyone have a clear, hi resolution, side on image of Cessna A152M, ZK-EHP? This aircraft definitely used to have the correct image [as of late 2011], as shown in the following cropped image.

Any help would be appreciated! Please email me on blogrequests@flying.geek.nz with any images that you own the copyright to and which I can share with this chap in the UK. Images will not be published on this site without explicit permission.

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