Sunday, September 20, 2015

Bye bye ZK-NGI

Here are some pictures from a "final call" flight of the last remaining Air NZ Boeing 737, ZK-NGI. 

Unfortunately I wasn't able to be on the flight, but thanks to Simon [I'm not at all jealous!] I have some photos to share of one of these flights. The flight was from/ to Auckland and about 15/20 minutes long.

Anyway, on to the photos!

Boeing 737-319, ZK-NGI, operated by Air NZ [for now!]

Final call!

A spare engine

Boeing 737-319, ZK-NGI, operated by Air NZ

NZAA from the air

NZAA from the air

Auckland from the air


Anonymous said...

Will be sadly missed. FYI, another B733 (NGG) had a runway excursion on 6th March this year at Christchurch during the landing roll. Aircraft was out of service for 3 days!!

Brady Dyer said...

I randomly ended up catching the Auckland-Wellington leg on it's last day. It's in this video I made of my trip back from Rarotonga (Plane is question from 8:20mins onwards)