Saturday, September 12, 2015

Competitions at Otaki airstrip!

Today we had some friendly competitions with Kapiti Aero Club. These were held at the nearby Otaki airstrip [NZOT], as we can't really hold any competitions at Wellington or Paraparaumu aerodromes.

Otaki is a grass strip located on the southern edge of [naturally] Otaki town. It's an awesome strip which is long enough to be safe, challenging enough to keep you on your toes and, close to everything, but not directly on any main arterial air traffic routes, so quite.

Despite some pretty grotty weather at Wellington in the morning [and cloudy and hazy most of the way from Wellington to Otaki], we managed to get two aircraft from Wellington Aero Club to Otaki [a privately owned Cessna 206 and the Club's C172], plus a number of members who drove up to Otaki for the day. Kapiti took 4 of their aircraft and a sizeable number of instructors and members along for the day, and we all had fun! After some passing showers, the weather cleared up nicely just before lunch so we could make a start.

Competitions held were Bombing, Precision Circuits, Forced Landings, Low Flying and two Navigation comps. We are awaiting the results, but as I may have been the only competitor in the low flying... I'm in with a chance in that :-) I think i was fairly competitive in the Bombing competition also [RNZAF - if you're looking for someone to drop 250g containers out a window from 300', I'm here - I'll do it in exchange for a type rating in something...!].

Anyway, on to some pictures:

The view from NZOT, looking south-west

A gentle crosswind on a 15 knot windsock

Cessna 172N, ZK-FLT, operated by Wellington Aero Club

Cessna 172N, ZK-FLT, operated by Wellington Aero Club, about to drop a bomb on the target!

Cessna T206H, ZK-JWH, about to land

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