Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Spirit of Noumea in Wellington

Today's surprise visitor was an Aerospool Dynamic WT9, F-JSUB!

Yes, that's a French registration!. The aircraft is based in Noumea, but currently visiting New Zealand. The two pilots, Marc and Christian, flew into Wellington this afternoon from Takaka. I understand that they are leaving in a couple of days - to where, I am not sure.

They have a website [] which is in French of course, but the auto translation seems quite readable. The aircraft has been to New Zealand previously in 2013 and I understand that they flew from Noumea to Norfolk Island to New Zealand. Now there's an idea to try out - anyone want to loan me a plane? :-) It has also been to France, back in 2012 - that makes it a rather well-travelled aircraft!

Aerospool Dynamic WT9, F-JSUB

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