Friday, December 18, 2015

Lifejackets arrived!

Yesterday, I ordered two Hutchwilco 150N manual inflatable lifejackets from Full On Fishing, a store and online retailer in Hamilton. Yes, I ordered two of them, and yes, they were discounted. Actually, including delivery, I paid under $210 for both of them. Delivery was only $9.90, although I now see on the website, if I had signed up, delivery may have been free.

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived today... I had expected it would be next week at the earliest.

The lifejackets look very well built, easy to maintain and  include full instructions for repacking and rearming [should I need to...!] and they should be a lot nicer to wear and [hopefully never] use should the need arise.

Why purchase them? I can use the Aero Club-supplied jackets. Those ones are a pouch version, similar to the ones the airline give you where you strap them around your waist. Issue is that they kinda get in the way a little. If I have to use them, I take a hand off the controls, pull it up, thread it under the harness, and over my head. Not ideal if I have an EFATO [Engine Failure After Takeoff]. With the type I have purchased, it is always on, and all I have to do is find my way out of the aircraft and pull the red tab.

Anyway, here's a picture.

Hutchwilco 150N Inflatable Lifejacket, Manual
BTW - Manual inflation... this is very important. Like they say on the airlines, only inflate as you exit the aircraft... so automatic inflation is a very bad idea.

Also in the package was a fishing newspaper, and what I guess are some fishing lures. I don't fish [although I enjoy a good snapper!], so if anyone wants them, they are all yours.

Fishing lures. Free to a good home. Free even to an OK home.

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