Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Random shots from Saturday and Monday

Here are a few more shots from last Saturday and Monday in Wellington.

First up is the Ridge Air-operated Piper PA34-220T Seneca, ZK-BJM. This came in to pick a couple of people up and was in and out in just a few minutes.

Piper PA34-220T Seneca, ZK-BJM, operated by Ridge Air

Next up is yet another photo of the RNZAF's Boeing 757-2K2, NZ7571. There seem to have been a lot more weekend movements by this aircraft recently, and what appears to be mostly civilians getting on and off... anyway, I finally got a decent head-on shot of it.

Boeing 757-2K2, NZ7571, operated by the RNZAF
And a final B757 photo, this time departing on Monday afternoon. What a cool machine :-) Again this is NZ7571... not sure what NZ7572 is up to... overseas perhaps?

Boeing 757-2K2, NZ7571, operated by the RNZAF


Anonymous said...

NZ7572 is currently having maintenance carried out in Christchurch by Air New Zealand Engineering, a C-Check I think.

Rodney said...

Thanks Anon