Sunday, May 08, 2016

A little Turkish Delight

A surprise visitor at Wellington today is this Airbus A319/115CJ, TC-ANA, which is operated by the Turkish Government.

I wasn't at the airport when it arrived, but it appears there was quite a delegation awaiting the arrival, so there must have been important people on board. By the time I arrived at the airport, it was all tucked up and quiet.

Airbus A319/115CJ, TC-ANA, operated by the Government of Turkey


minicooper said...

Cool! Anyway to find out when its due to leave? I would love to get a shot.

Rodney said...

Yeah it is pretty cool. Unfortunately I don't know when it leaves, except that it's flight plans appear to show up on you could keep an eye on that, but there might not be much warning of it's impending departure.