Monday, May 02, 2016

Tangmere Military Aviation Museum

Once back in the UK, I made a trip [curtesy of my sister] to Tangmere. Tangmere was a rather famous airfield in World War Two, although it dates from the around World War One and was closed in the 1960's. Nowadays, about the only reminder of the airfield I saw was the Tangmere Military Aviation Museum.

This small museum houses a number of aircraft [including several outside] and a reasonable collection of memorabilia and artefacts from it's time as an operational RAF base. If you're in the area, it's probably worth a good couple of hours to visit, although it's not one of the big museum, like the RAF Museum at Hendon or the museum at Duxford.

The staff are very enthusiastic, knowledgeable and helpful. In fact, I was given a brie fintroduction to the museum and later a guided tour through the two hangers and a sit inside a basic replica of an SE5A cockpit. A really nice touch!

Here are a few photos from the visit.

Hawker Hunter

Supermarine Swift

Gloster Meteor, EE549

Harrier jumpjets

Engine from a crashed Hawker Hurricane

Cockpit from a crashed Hawker Hurricane


Radio set from a Lancaster

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