Sunday, August 28, 2016

Is this the coolest two-seat aircraft ever? Perhaps it is!

I suppose that is something that could be debated for ever and a day, but earlier today I started my first tailwheel rating, on a PA18A-150 Super Cub, and yes, it is pretty awesome!

Today's flight included steep turns, basic and power on staffs, a forced landing, a visit to a local strip and lots of circuits back at Whanganui Airport [NZWU]. the aircraft a former ag aircraft, ZK-BKN. I clearly have a lot to learn, particularly after touchdown :-) Still, I managed to avoid ground looping it and it was a whole heap of fun! :-)

If the weather is good next weekend, I'll be up in Whanganui for some more flying. If not, then the weekend after.

Just one photo after it was put back in the hanger.

Piper PA18A-150 Super Cub, ZK-BKN

For more information about the Super Cub, check out this Wikipedia link.

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