Monday, October 24, 2016

What a SUPER weekend of flying!

I think I should probably call in sick for work tomorrow*. It's a genuine reason - I've had far too much fun to be able to concentrate on work for at least another four days!

This weekend started with another trip up to Whanganui with another flight in the Piper PA18A-150 Super Cub, ZK-BKN on Saturday morning! This time it was a lot of dual circuits at Whanganui, followed by an offer [which I couldn't refuse] to let me go solo for the first time! Yay! Looks like my feet are starting to work as they are supposed to [well, close at least!].

Piper PA18A-150, ZK-BKN

That was a LOT of fun! I lost count of how many circuits I got in [probably 6 or 7 at least] before Air Chathams turned up in a Convair, which was a great excuse to land, hold short and watch their landing. Once they had landed I did a couple more circuits before calling it a day. WHAT A DAY!

Then, earlier today [Monday morning] was another dual flight to get me used to three-point landings. Again more circuits, followed by another unrefusable [is that a made up word???] offer to do the same solo. I even managed to cope with the slight crosswind that crept in during the solo circuits.

Piper PA18A-150, ZK-BKN
What an awesome weekend! I'm almost there - I just need a decent session of crosswind landings and to do the paperwork and I'll be all done. Fun times!

Speaking of crosswind landings, here are a couple of pictures of someone else having fun with a decent crosswind.

Piper PA18A-150, ZK-BKN

Piper PA18A-150, ZK-BKN

* No, I'm not a numpty. I WILL be at work tomorrow!


minicooper said...

Sounds like you are having far too much fun for one person!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Rodney! I know how rewarding the Cub solo is :)

Rodney said...

Hi minicooper - a bit obvious?? :-)

Hi Anonymous - yeah... it is!

Scott said...

Congratulations on your 1st solo in a Super Cub. I still remember mine from many years ago at Matamata.

Scott said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks Scott! It is a lot of fun... but still a lot more to learn and practice - especially crosswind landings :-) I think this will be the gift that keeps on giving!