Monday, February 13, 2017

Circuits at Cape Campbell airstrip!

Last weekend, Andrew [another Club pilot] and I headed off in the Club's Cessna 172N, ZK-FLT, to Kaikoura [NZKI] then Omaka [NZOM] for a quick trip. We each did some of the flying which made for a fun day and also a relatively inexpensive one! It's nice being able to sit back and relax while someone else does some of the flying :-)

On the way down to Kaikoura we popped into Cape Campbell airstrip where I did a few touch-n-goes before continuing to Kaikoura.

This video shows the departure from Wellington, but is mostly of what we got up to at Cape Campbell. This started with an overfly at about 1000', followed by another pass at 500'. Both of these were to assess the condition of the strip and to try and detect any wind that might have been around [there wasn't much - maybe a very slight southerly]. Following this were a series of touch-n-goes.

One interesting sight is all of the land which has risen out of the sea after the recent series of earthquakes. Take a look - it is quite obvious in the video.


Andrew M said...

Great video, Rodney. And thanks for sharing a day's flying; that was a lot of fun.

And folks, you can see that Cape Campbell is a good place to practise strip flying.

Rodney said...

Hi Andrew,

Thank you also for sharing the flying! Next video will be your sector to Omaka [with the usual treatment to bring it back to 5 minutes or so] :-)

We'll have to plan another flight soon!

Rodney said...

On second thoughts... I videoed less than I thought, so it will be the northern end of the Clarence river valley to Omaka :-)

The Ginga Kiwi said...
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The Ginga Kiwi said...

Great video Rodney! I landed there last year and stayed the night at the lighthouse. Fantastic place!!

What are you using to mount your camera to the ceiling?

Rodney said...

Hello Ginga Kiwi!

You can stay at the lighthouse?????!!! That would be fantastic!

The aircraft happens to have a GoPro mount on the ceiling, so that makes it easy :-)



The Ginga Kiwi said...

Yep you can! It's a great place and well set up. Not sure if there's any damage after the earthquake.

Feel free to give me a call on 021 2819285 and I can pass you contact details for the folk who manage it.



The Ginga Kiwi said...

Even better - they've now have a website..