Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Down to Kaikoura

Following on from the video in my last post [Circuits at Cape Campbell airstrip!] we [Andrew M - another club pilot - and I] continued south down the coast to Kaikoura.

As you'll see in this video, this part of the country is incredibly scenic, although someone scarred by the recent earthquakes, with the seabed having risen in places, and huge landslides which have blocked the road and rail infrastructure in places.

Kaikoura airport itself is a lovely place and from what I hear, things are starting to pick up after the earthquake last year.

This video itself contains a small amount of footage form a second camera which I have been trying out [thanks Chris!]. I think I'm almost at the stage where I have to invest in some decent video editing software [especially since I've had some hassles this time around] so I can get picture-in-picture effects, better control over other elements, such as text overlays and sound. We'll see!

Anyway, enjoy the video!

The next video [probably late this week], will be of Andrew and my trip back to Omaka then Wellington.

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