Monday, February 06, 2017

Healthy Bastards Bush Flying Champs 2017 - how did it get that name???

If you're looking for a primer on how the competition can to have this name, click here for the details.

If you've just looked at that link, you'll see that Dr Dave is heavily involved, but there are two more sponsors. Someone called Simply Avionics [self explanatory I suppose!] and local airline Sounds Air.

During the lunch breach, Sounds Air chief pilot, and event organiser Craig Anderson took a few lucky punters, including myself, up for a quick ride in one of Sounds Air's flash Pilatus PC12/45 aircraft, ZK-PLT. You wouldn't believe it, but just as we were lining up, my cellphone camera died! Grrr!!! So, no video form the flight.

Anyway, it was a fun flight. After takeoff we turned back and flew over Omaka airfield, then departed towards White Cliffs, on to the township of Seddon, before returning for another pass over Omaka followed by a short field landing.

Anyone who knows me well should know I'm a fan of Sounds Air.

Over the years I've flown with them several times to or from Picton, Nelson, Wellington and Taupo. They operate a great service on [what seems to be] an ever expanding route network. The PC12's are really comfy to fly in [likewise the Cessna C208B Caravans] and any avgeek loves being able to see what is happening up the front :-)

Anyway, here's the only picture... if my camera had not died, I would have had video from the flight. Oh well!

Pilatus PC/45, ZK-PLT, operated by Sounds Air

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Lindsay Green said...

PC-12/45 can be configured as a multi-mission platform, such as an air ambulance and many more and it has 6 to 9 capacity of seats.