Monday, February 06, 2017

More HBBFC pictures

Here's another set of photos from the HBBFCs last weekend.

As expected, there were a lot of taildraggers [and loads of them were Piper PA18 Super Cubs].

Piper PA18A-150, ZK-BNX, operated by BNX Syndicate

Piper PA18-150, ZK-CVC

Just Aircraft SuperSTOL, ZK-CVV

Zenith CH701 SP, ZK-ZMX

Piel Emeraude CP-301, ZK-CBP

Some of the parking for competing aircraft

I'm not waiting for some video to arrive to supplement what I took [which was very very little and of poor quality]. I hope to have a video up in the next week or two!

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Andrew M said...

The tail draggers are tough competition for a C172 with electric flaps!