Tuesday, March 21, 2017

High times

Last Sunday I went on a quick trip with Andrew M [another Club pilot], out of Wellington to the south-eastern coast of the North Island then to Masterton. Part of this trip was seeing if we could get a Cessna 172N with two guys and full fuel tanks up to 13,000', which we did. Look at the straight and level bits and you'll see that the ball is even in the middle!

Here's a video of the flight, starting in Wellington and ending in Masterton. I almost got the video insert of the basic six instruments synced with the rest of the action. Almost being the important word :-)

Anyway, Andrew took over the flying in Masterton and flew us back to Wellington... not sure if I'll put up a video on that. I'll have a look at the scenery before deciding.

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Andrew M said...

Hi Rodney

Thanks for the video, and for the chance to share some flying. It was an excellent day for it!