Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Four airlines, three photos

As you may have noticed from my previous four posts, last Sunday was quite a productive day for aircraft photography. I thought I would finish off this series of posts with pictures of four airliners from four airlines in three photos.

They are all fairly self-explanatory, so here they are:

Boeing 737-838, ZK-ZQE, operated by Jetconnect/ Qantas and Airbus A320-232, ZK-OAB, operated by Air NZ

Boeing 737-808, DQ-FJN, operated by Fiji Airways

Boeing 737-8FE, VH-YIM, operated by Virgin Australia International Airlines

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Bob Jones' Cessna 510 Citation Mustang

I got a big of a score last Sunday afternoon soon after the Jetstar-branded DHC-8-315 taxied away from the Execujet hanger. The doors were open and I got to photograph what appears to be Bob Jones' Cessna 510 Citation Mustang [the Robt. Jones Holdings Limited titles on the side are a wee bit of a giveaway!]. The aircraft is on the Australian register as VH-KJG.

It will be good to see it out and flying one day - aircraft photos usually look better out in the sunshine...

Cessna 510 Citation Mustang, VH-KJG

Monday, August 31, 2015

ATR72 under tow at Wellington

I was at the Aero Club on the weekend [no surprise there!],when I saw a Mount Cook Airline/ Air NZ operated ATR-GIE ATR72-600, ZK-MVF, being towed across to the western apron. The assumption is unplanned maintenance [as Air NZ doesn't have a maintenance base here].

Anyway, as you can see, they've laid on all the flash stuff with front and rear escort and a tug. Someone thought it was a bit rude of me to call it a golf cart... fair enough I suppose :-)

Anyway, here are the pictures.

ATR-GIE ATR72-600, ZK-MVF, operated by Mount Cook Airline/ Air NZ

ATR-GIE ATR72-600, ZK-MVF, operated by Mount Cook Airline/ Air NZ

ATR-GIE ATR72-600, ZK-MVF, operated by Mount Cook Airline/ Air NZ

Sunday, August 30, 2015

A rather exciting Cessna!

Just as things were winding down today, another Aero Club member tried to wind me up by suggesting that some amphibian had landed at Wellington and was taxiing in towards the Club. Thing is, he was right, and it wasn't a wind-up.

This is one of very few amphibians I have seen, and apart from the Catalina at Wellington a few years ago, this would be the only one I recall photographing on land [or this close up]!

Anyway, the aircraft is a Cessna A185F, N60X. This is registered to a Wellington address, although I understand it might be based in Masterton. A real nice looking machine!

Cessna A185F, N60X

Cessna A185F, N60X

Cessna A185F, N60X

Cessna A185F, N60X

Cessna A185F, N60X

More from the Jetstar/ Eastern Australia Airlines DHC-8 today!

I arrived at the airport today just in time to see the Jetstar-branded DHC-8-315, VH-TQM, taxying from the Execujet hanger across to the main apron. The aircraft spent the rest of the day parked in the vicinity of gate 21.

Pity the background to the shots are not great, although the livery itself looks quite good!

Bombardier DHC-8-315, VH-TQM, operated by Eastern Australia Airlines, branded as Jetstar

Bombardier DHC-8-315, VH-TQM, operated by Eastern Australia Airlines, branded as Jetstar

Bombardier DHC-8-315, VH-TQM, operated by Eastern Australia Airlines, branded as Jetstar

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Lifeflight Air Ambulance

I wasn't able to get any more pictures of the Jetstar-branded DHC-8 today - it was tucked up nice and tight in the Execujet hanger all day. Maybe tomorrow...

The one aircraft I did photograph today was the British Aerospace Jetstream J32, ZK-LFW. This is operated by Air Freight NZ on behalf of Lifeflight, as the local fixed wing air ambulance.

British Aerospace Jetstream J32, ZK-LFW, operated by Air Freight NZ

This just in! Jetstar/ Eastern Australia Airlines DHC-8 in Wellington

Just in at Wellington is Jetstar's [Australian Eastern Airlines] Bombardier DHC-8-315, Vh-TQM. This is the first of what will be 5 DHC-8's to be operated under the Jetstar banner on New Zealand domestic regional routes.

Many thanks to an anonymous "majestic being of renown" [which is how he described himself :-P] who took the photo prior to it being rushed into the Execujet hanger.

Bombardier DHC-8-315, VH-TQM, operated by Eastern Australia Airlines/ Jetstar

Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Starship enterprise landing at Wellington?

Well, maybe not and that's as good as the trek jokes get... awful I suppose!

What we have is a Beech B300 Super King Air, ZK-SSH, which is operated by Skyline Aviation. This aircraft is kitted as an air ambulance, and is involved in transferring younger patients, as shown by the Starship Children's Hospital livery [does anyone know if it is used exclusively for young people?].

I guess if you're going for a ride in an air ambulance, it can't hurt to have a cool paint job :-)

Beech B300 Super King Air, ZK-SSH, operated by Skyline Aviation

Beech B300 Super King Air, ZK-SSH, operated by Skyline Aviation
Last up is a Boeing 737-838, ZK-ZQD, operated by Jetconnect [Qantas], which is about to touch down.
Boeing 737-838, ZK-ZQD, operated by Jetconnect/ Qantas

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Ex and current RNZAF aircraft at Wellington

Two aircraft caught my eye today. The first is an ex-RNZAF jet aircraft, the mighty BAC BAC-167 Strikemaster, ZK-BAC, which is registered to RNZAF Strikemaster Ltd, of a Lower Hutt address. The "blunty" had at least a couple of flights out of Wellington today.

BAC BAC-167 Strikemaster 88, ZK-BAC

BAC BAC-167 Strikemaster 88, ZK-BAC
Second up was a current RNZAF aircraft, a Beech B200 King Air, NZ7123 which arrived this evening.

Beech B200 King Air, NZ7123, operated by the RNZAF

Sunday, August 16, 2015

No pot o' gold

Just two pictures form today. A rainbow appeared this evening as I looked south-east from the aero club, and the Piper PA32R-301 Saratoga, ZK-ZIG, which is operated by Golden Bay Air.

Rainbow at Wellington Airport

Piper PA32R-301 Saratoga, ZK-ZIG, operated by Golden Bay Air

Saturday, August 15, 2015

More ballast, more piloting and another Mustang

I arrived at the aero club this morning, only to be invited, yet again, to be ballast on a MAUW [Maximum All Up Weight] check for a pilot undertaking a twin engine rating. I'm not sure if I should be grateful or offended that I'm heavy enough for that :-)

Of course I said Yes :-) and shortly after that I was in the rear of Piper PA34-200, ZK-ROC, sitting back, relaxing and taking a few photos.

First up are some pictures of the aircraft, the instrument panel and then the central city, port area and the airport.

Piper PA34-200 Seneca, ZK-ROC, operated by Wellington Aero Club

Piper PA34-200, ZK-ROC, instrument panel

Wellington City, port, harbour and the Caketin

Wellington CBD and harbour. There's no place better!

Miramar, the airport and Kilbernie
Next I went for a few circuits myself. Today was an ideal day for it, with a light winds, but with a bit of crosswind, light traffic so no delays, options for left and right hand circuits, a change of runway, precision approaches, short approaches, flapless approaches and really helpful ATC. Perfect!

The aircraft was Cessna 172N, ZK-FLT. There are no photos from the flight [I was having way too much fun!], but just this one of the aircraft afterwards.

Cessna 172N, ZK-FLT, operated by Wellington Aero Club
Last up was another visiting Cessna 510 Citation Mustang. ZK-YDZ is based in Auckland and is registered to Brookby Quarries Ltd. A nice way to get around, for sure! This aircraft appears to have been imported from Australia, and has only been on the NZ aircraft register since May 2015.

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Two Cessna's, a Boeing and another Cessna

There have been a number of interesting aircraft at Wellington over the last couple of days. Unfortunately I missed the QANTAS B737-300F which was parked in the Execujet hanger for the night, although MRC Aviation has a couple of good photos.

I did get to see a couple of Cessna private jets though.

First up is this beautiful Cessna 510 Citation Mustang, ZK-LCA, which is registered to Air Hawkes Bay. This was parked up for a few hours.

Cessna 510 Citation Mustang, ZK-LCA, operated by Air Hawkes Bay

Cessna 510 Citation Mustang, ZK-LCA, operated by Air Hawkes Bay
Next up is the Cessna 650 Citation III, N163JM. This is pictured departing for Masterton, then on to Feilding and back to Wellington. Initial rumour was it went to Feilding for maintenance, although it appears more likely it was a series of training flights.

Cessna 650 Citation III, N163JM

Cessna 650 Citation III, N163JM

Next up is one of the final two Boeing 737's in Air NZ service. ZK-NGI will be retired after the last flights in September.

Boeing 737-319, ZK-NGI, operated by Air NZ
Last up is a Cessna 421C, ZK-TAM, which is operated by Skywest Aviation of a New Plymouth address. This aircraft is operated as an air ambulance on behalf of the Taranaki Air Ambulance Trust.

Cessna 421C, ZK-TAM, operated by Skywest Aviation

Saturday, August 08, 2015

Cessna 650 Citation III

Today's picture is a Cessna 650 Citation III which is parked at [and perhaps based at] the Execujet hanger at Wellington airport.

Cessna 650 Citation III, N163JM

Friday, August 07, 2015

Dunedin to Wellington... the camera photos and videos

Further to my last post, I took a number of photos and videos on my phone camera. It is allowed since we were on an Air New Zealand operated Airbus A320 [ZK-OXG], although I'm still not convinced of the wisdom of allowing people to play with gadgets when they should be paying attention... oh well, little worse than books I suppose...?

First up are the pictures, and then the videos.

Pictures were all taken within the aircraft, and yes, it had been raining...

Winglet of Airbus A320-232, ZK-OXG. Pretty obvious it's Air New Zealand
This ATR72 arrived while we waitied to depart. Dunedin is perhaps a busy little airport at times. In the hour or so I was there, including my flight, arrivals were 3 x A320, 1 x ATR72 and departures were 1 x B737, 2 x A320, 1 x DHC8.
ATR-GIE ATR72-600, ZK-MVG, operated by Mount Cook Airline/ Air NZ

Lining up on the runway.

Wing and winglet in cloud just after takeoff

Out of the cloud a short time later. Much nicer.

Ok, now for the videos! The first one is the takeoff from Dunedin and into the clouds.

Next up is video of us cruising what appears to be just above the cloud. It's probably higher above than I was thinking, but still...

Lastly, this is the nigh-time approach into Wellington. It takes a few seconds to get to the city lights, but I think it's worth the wait... ok, the video is a bit shaky, but it's ok for hand-held, night time, and me being somewhat inexperienced at this stuff!

Work trip to Dunedin

I had a work trip to Dunedin [ICAO code: NZDN] today. I left early and arrived home late [read: dark in Wellington both times], so not much photography to undertake there. Once at Dunedin it was off to work with no delay, so I had to wait until the evening flight home to get some photos at Dunedin. Weather was a wee bit windy in Wellington, and cold in Dunedin. In fact, we had fog in the morning [nothing to stop our arrival though], heavy hail 30 minutes before leaving for the airport and rain. Rather cool also - 2 degrees celsius on arrival. Arrrgggghhhhhh.

First up is my ride home to Wellington. This is a Bombardier BD700-1A11 [Global 5000], N689WM, with what might be the coolest livery I've seen in a corporate jet ever! I'm not sure what it is doing in Dunedin, but it was there this morning and still there this evening. BTW - no, it was not really my ride home... I wish!

Bombardier BD700-1A11 Global 5000, N689WM
Next up is another Bombardier, in this case a DHC8-311, ZK-NED. This aircraft is operated by Air Nelson/ Air NZ, and was also not my ride home as it was only heading to Christchurch.

Bombardier DHC8-311, ZK-NED, operated by Air Nelson/ Air NZ
Getting closer to my ride home is this Airbus A320-232, VH-VFJ, operated by Jetstar. Thankfully not, and in any case, it was heading to Auckland, not Wellington. Jetstar does not yet fly between Wellington and Dunedin, although this route is to start up shortly.

Airbus A320-232, VH-VFJ, operated by Jetstar
Not at all close to a ride home was this Boeing 737-8FE, VH-YIH, and operated by Virgin Australia. Clearly this was not my ride home as it was heading to Australia. Note in the second picture, the rooster tails from the jetblast on the wet runway :-)

Boeing 737-8FE, VH-YIH, operated by Virgin Australia

Boeing 737-8FE, VH-YIH, taking off from Dunedin
Finally, my ride it. This is of course an Air New Zealand operated Airbus A320-232, ZK-OXG. This is a new aircraft, having only been delivered in February this year. It was flying direct to Wellington, which was convenient, as I was also :-) Still a pity it wasn't the first Bombardier! :-)

Airbius A320-232, ZK-OXG, operated by Air NZ
The next post will have a few phone camera photos, maybe some video, from the flight north.