Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Bye bye Auckland...

This is the final post from my Auckland trip. Appropriately, these are a few final pics from Auckland International in the hour or so before I boarded for my flight back to Wellington.

The first picture is after the Singapore Airlines flight landed, and is a reasonable picture of the runway 23 end of the airport. The second is an Air New Zealand B767 holding for takeoff. The hills in the background of these two pictures look closer than they are [the wonders of zoom lens] - in reality they are several nautical miles west of the airport and only rise to around 1000' AMSL [Above Mean Sea Level].

The last two were taken in the last few minutes before boarding. Not great pictures because of the reflections, but still OK. [they also put the terrain from the previous photos in perspective]. Both B737's departed for Wellington.

Singapore Airlines B747 and AirportAir new Zealand B767View of the airportTwo Air New Zealand B737s being readied for trips to Wellington

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