Saturday, September 13, 2008

Nanchang visitor

I arrived at the Aero Club early today, expecting a good day to go flying, and I wasn't at all disappointed. On arrival I saw something very interesting - a Nanchang CJ-6! Warbird aircraft don't visit Wellington often, so it was good to see.

ZK-JQS is registered to the Omaka Real Flying Club, based [not surprisingly] at Omaka airfield at Blenheim. The first three pictures were taken at Wellington. The last two? Guess where I got to today.... Omaka :-)


Nanchang CJ-6Nanchang CJ-6Nanchang CJ-6Nanchang CJ-6Nanchang CJ-6


Charles said...

I saw 10-12 of the little CJ-6's at Warbirds at the Chino California airport back in May. A very cool Aricraft. But what really caught my eye there was 8 or 9 Aero L39's . Now I'd really like one of those. In the U.S. they are about the same price as a new Cessna Skyhawk.

Rodney said...

Wow! That would have been nice, although, as you say, 8-9 L39's would be even better!

The L39's seem quite cheap - I'm guessing that maintenance and running costs would be somewhat higher though [else I'm off to the aero club to make a little suggestion! :-)]... ha ha ha!