Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Fantastic day!

What an awesome day! After yesterday's gusty crosswinds, today was fantastic! I took a Piper Archer PA28-181, ZK-TDJ, up for a flight today. I went out to our local training area in the Southern Wairarapa via the most direct route of Mount Matthews [find that on your VNC some day]. The surface wind was only 200 deg, 5 knots [runway 16] with 50km visibility. Awesome!

A quick session of turns, stalls, FLWOP and low flying and I'm back via Mount Matthews again to land. All of this with no ATC/traffic delays meant an easy 0.9 hrs for the flight. Nice!

Anyway, visiting aircraft today were this Alpha R2160, ZK-CTX, from CTC in Hamilton and a Hughes 369E, ZK-INZ, from Amalgamated Helicopters in Masterton about to touch down. Anyway, enjoy the pictures [Oh, and did I mention how perfect the day was for flying??? :-)]

CTC Wings, Alpha R2160, ZK-CTXCTC Wings, Alpha R2160, ZK-CTXCTC Wings, Alpha R2160, ZK-CTXAmalgamated Helicopters,Hughes 369E, ZK-INZ

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