Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What digital SLR?

Gidday readers!

I'm after a bit of advice!

I might be purchasing a new camera soon, and want some advice from those of you who know about such things :-) I'm still very much learning about DSLR cameras, so forgive me if the specs below seem a little basic.

Main gripes about my current camera [an Olympus SP-500UZ] are the speed of the auto-focus, no practicable manual focus and image quality can be a bit naff [and that's not all down to me :-)!!].

My basic requirements/features needed are:

10+ mega pixels [essential]
Fast auto-focus and manual focus option [essential]
5-6 frames per second capability [optional]
Interchangable lenses [essential]
Anti-shake/stability [preferred]
Well-known/ respected brand [preferred]

My budget is under NZD$2000 [approximately USD$1000], so I know that it's not going to be super flash [entry level DSLRs are available for around NZD$900]! Oh yeah, I must be able to purchase and get support in New Zealand. Any suggestions about a particular camera? Even a particular brand? What's good about it, not so good? Other features I should consider?

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Thanks in advance!


smegboy said...

I've got a Nikon DX40 and its awesome
... would totally recommend it

Simon Lieschke said...

There's interesting reviews on Nikon, Canon, Leica and Pentax cameras here.

nzompilot said...

I use a Canon EOS 40D which I find perfect for aircraft photos. :)

ZK-JPY said...

You might like to cehck out DP Review...

Hours of reading... and fairly unbiased reviews.

The missus got herself a Canon EOS 450D. That is a fairly decent unit, probably more enthusiast-level than entry-level (that would be the 1000D).

Despite the exchange rate and in spite of the 500D release, they are still around the NZD$1500-$1800 mark for the "Twin Lens" kit... 18-55mm and 55-250mm IS lens. (has links to info on the body and the lenses)

Rodney said...

Hi everyone!

Many thanks for all your help so far. All of the info [both here and in some emails] has been very informative, and I think that I'm in a much better position to make a decision.

Now I just need to wait for the tax refund [better not be a problem with it! :-(] which will be paying for much of this.



derbylad said...

My old Nikon D40 does me well enough! I know I only have 5.1 megapixels,'s good enough for aviation photography, believe me!