Sunday, July 18, 2010

More Cessnas and a Beechcraft

There was no flying for me today [I still need to pay for the last lot!], but there were a number of visitors to be seen as I was hanging around the club.

The first is a Cessna 182S, ZK-LKM, registered to a Wanganui address. I understand that this aircraft has been doing a bit of touring around. The second and third aircraft are Cessna 172's, ZK-RWC [a C172B registered to a Mahia address] and ZK-EFF [a C172N registered to Motueka Aero Club].

The final Cessna is a C510 Mustang, ZK-PGA. This is registered to NZ Jet Charters Ltd/ Pacific Jets at a North Shore City address.

The last aircraft in today's line-up is Beechcraft BE76 Duchess, ZK-JED, registered to Ardmore Flying School.

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