Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas, my friends!

Here we are again... another year almost over, and another about to begin. Than you for all your comments and support over the past 12 months, and here's to the next year!

I was looking for something particularly "Christmasy" for this post, and I think I have found what I was after - Christmas, Peace and Aeroplanes :-) I hope you enjoy this old favourite!

Finally, a Kiwi version of an old favourite Christmas carol. Well, sort of! Merry Christmas!


Matt said...

Love the video. I'm a kiwi living in Perth and have just sent it round the office. Sounds like home with all these sheep "baaing" round the office!

Rodney said...

Hi Matt,

Glad you liked it... there's probably a few Kiwis out there who will be chuckling to themselves... and a few other people who are a little confused! :-)

Have a merry Christmas,