Saturday, December 18, 2010

Today's flight in a Cirrus

Today I got to go up in a Cirrus SR22 [ZK-YUG] for a quick flight over the city. My part was to take some photos of various buildings. The flight itself was fun and as it was my first flight in an SR22 I was looking forward to seeing how well it performed - no disappointment there :-) Actually, if anyone wants to buy me one for Christmas... :-)

Anyway, here are a couple of photos. The first is a picture of the aircraft panel after we landed, and the second is a picture of the Bay Plaza Hotel building - one of several I got to photograph.



Martin Scharnke said...

Very nice pics ...

A glass cockpit, I see. And no yoke, either!

What about the other building shots ... are they for commercial sale, or will you show off your photography skills to us some more (hint, hint!)

Rodney said...

Hi Martin,

The photos were taken for someone else [hence the free ride in the Cirrus!], but I might put some more up later.

BTW - did you see the rather more scenic photos I took a couple of weeks ago:

I'm thinking that the second one might get printed large and put up on a wall someday.