Saturday, December 11, 2010

A visitor, a kitchen and shifting

It has been a quiet time for pictures recently... but then I have been quite busy in other places.

Big news at home is a new kitchen has been installed. This has obviously been a bit of a focus, but now that it is in I have only got to have the rest of the redecorating to do. As they say, 90% done, only 90% to go! :-)

In other news, Wellington Aero Club is shifting its aircraft to a new hanger on Wellington airport. Lots of effort for some people, but such is life. The existing club rooms remain where they are, so it's not such a huge change. I hope to have some pictures of the hanger in due course.

Pictures today are a Piper PA28-181, ZK-MIL, registered to Southern Wings of Invercargill parked up at the Club. The second is an Air Nelson DHC-8, ZK-NEB, taking off. This was photographed from our "new" [1930's, historic] hanger.

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