Sunday, January 02, 2011

Helicopter support for a luxury motor yacht...

Here is a picture of a US-registered Eurocopter AS-350B-2 Ecureuil, N801KF, seen at Wellington earlier today. The photo is pretty poor - the result of humid atmospheric conditions and the distance to the aircraft... What is interesting is that this AS350 is a support helicopter for a luxury motor yacht called the SuRi. The SuRi in turn is a support vessel for a superyacht called the JeMaSa.

In case you're interested in chartering this vessel [presumably including the helicopter... or you just want more details...]... click here :-)


Jeff said...

I saw this yacht in the Sounds along with the Searey LSX plane moored next to it, not to mention the owners Falcon private jet at Nelson airport. Nice, very nice.

Jeff said...

Don't think the heli does come with the charter, but for an even better look at the many many toys on board, look at

Rodney said...

Hello Jeff,

Thank you for the details. I thought the Falcon might be related... unless there's a couple of them around or it moved this evening, it is currently parked up at Wellington.

Would be nice to be able to run around the world with those toys! :-)