Monday, January 24, 2011

Wings Over Wairarapa 2011: Post 7 - Percival/ LAC Prospector E.P.9

A new aircraft type for me was this LAC Prospector E.P.9. Originally designed by Edgar Percival, ZK-PWZ is one of only two left flying in the world. The type was originally designed and operated as a top-dresser, although it is now fitted out with six seats.

It has to rate as a fairly ugly aircraft [or should that be "functional"???], but it was a good display, and it's great to see extremely rare aircraft still being displayed in the air, rather than confined to the ground.


Blacky said...

This particular airframe was G-APWZ and was one of four found by The Museum Of Army Flying, Middle Wallop, Wiltshire, England.

They were donated to Mr Jim Pearce who used to operate them as air taxis and crop dusters in order to re-build one static and one airworthy example for the UK.

Eventually, G-APWZ ended up at Shoreham before its sale overseas.

There were 47-or-so frames built of which most have sadly been destroyed.

To my knowledge there are 2 airworthy examples in addition to PWZ; one in RSA and one in the USA.

Some ball park figures:

Vs full flap: 19mph straigh and level

Vne: 135mph

Max payload c. 5000lbs (not entirely sure about that without checking the AOM)

Andy Black
EP9 Resarcher

Rodney said...

Hello Blacky,

Thank you for this information! It's good to find out some of the history of this aircraft!

Many thanks,