Monday, January 24, 2011

Wings Over Wairarapa 2011: Post 9 - Thunder Mustang

One of my favourite aircraft is New Zealand's only Thunder Mustang, ZK-TMG, named Tiger's Blood. It's an awesome machine, and has been used to set a couple of world speed records [click here for details]. They are a nice bunch of guys that fly it also, and Simon did a great job showing this machine off to the crowd.

All the details of the aircraft and the people are on their website [which has been recently upgraded]. Someone mentioned that a syndicate share might be available. I'm not sure if that's true, but a nice thought [anyone want to give me a lot of money?] :-)

The only problem with the aircraft is that it is so darn fast that it is hard to get a decent photo of it flying past! Well, here are the better ones. Enjoy!


JetAviator7 said...

I owned a Mustang years ago and loved to fly it until I got the fuel bills!

The P51 Mustang is a real pilot's airplane, and I loved flying it. I would grab my randolph aviator sunglasses, climb into the cockpit and soar into the wild blue yonder!

QW said...

Well the weather bad from what I have seen on the news. I had planned to go Friday but something had come up at the last minute.

Got any pics of ZK-VNM Rodney?

Rodney said...

Hi QW,

Sorry no pictures of the Venom. I think they had it on a truck off to Palmy before I got there [or hidden in the back of a hanger for the day].



Anonymous said...

Have a look here for the vampire with a sore foot and the venom with even sorer feet.

Rodney said...

Thanks Mr Anonymous... very sore feet indeed. I arrived at MS on the Friday evening just in time to see a tractor towing the vampire back to the hanger...