Sunday, July 10, 2011

What is it with the weather?

What is it with the weather? Often good during the week, but bad on the weekends. Today it was often westerly [up to 20 or so knots crosswind on the surface at times], and quiet breezy at 2000', so very little flying for the club.

Here are a couple of Air Nelson DHC-8-300's [ZK-NFA and ZK-NEB] followed by a Giles G200, ZK-LGT doing some circuits.

In slightly more hopeful news, I am hoping to get out and about next Sunday afternoon when the Club gets its C172 back. Here's hoping the weather holds up!

[Update: Just heard the weather forecast for tomorrow - could be gusting up to 140 kph, 87 mph, 76 knots tomorrow - Monday...!!! still, here's hoping we get a nice weekend for once!]

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