Saturday, August 13, 2011

A flight and some interesting aircraft

Today was looking doubtful for a flight, with low cloud at home and around the airport. It mostly cleared up by the afternoon, and I ended up doing a dual flight up to Paraparaumu airport [NZPP], about a 30 minute flight to the north, in a Cessna 172, ZK-FLT. This was my first flight in a Cessna for over 2 months, so it was good to get back in control.

There was a big surprise waiting at Paraparaumu, with a Air Nelson Bombardier DHC-8-311, ZK-NEA parked up. Air Nelson [part of the Air New Zealand group] will start flying between Paraparaumu and Auckland in the near future. Today looked like another famil exercise for the local staff and some VIPs who go a look inside the aircraft.

Other aircraft are a Jodel D.11, ZK-ECU and Cessna 172, ZK-FLT, both at Paraparaumu. Lastly is a photo of Cessna A185F, ZK-PRM at Wellington.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the update. Any news on when FLT will get a proper paint job?


Anonymous said...

By the way, Rodney, if you want to read a superb flying blog then look no further than this one from the Philippines: 'Flying in crosswinds' by Tonet and Carlo Rivera:

Superb writing. Flight, adventure and romance, as they say. I'm keen to go flying with them before I leave the Philippines.


Rodney said...

Hi Andrew,

I understand that there will be a chance for club pilots to select from the various Cessna standard schemes, so hopefully that will be complete in the next few weeks.

Thanks also for the new blog - I've taken a look at a couple of posts, and it looks very interesting!