Saturday, August 06, 2011

Good news! The Cessna is back and I got to go flying... in a Piper

Finally, some good news on the aviation front!

The first bit of good news is that the Club's Cessna 172, ZK-FLT is back on long after a lengthy lay-off for maintenance, including getting a paint job, replacement engine and an interior refit. It's looking very flash now, although I understand that the plain exterior might be simply awaiting some good ideas. I'll keep you posted.

The other good news is that, despite the poor weather [mainly the bit about the wind being 18 knots gusting to 30 knots and forecast to increase later today], I finally got to go flying today! Not in the C172, but in a Club Piper PA38-112, ZK-ESG. I haven't flown at all in the last 9-10 weeks [!!], and I haven't flown a PA38 since late December 2010, so I went up for a few dual circuits which was a good refresher. Hopefully I'll get a dual ride in the C172 next weekend. I'm due for a BFR at the end of this month, but I think that will wait until I get back from a brief holiday.... more on that later.

Anyway, here's a couple of exterior shots of the repainted C172.


Anonymous said...

Hey, good to hear that you got a buzz by going flying. I did the same at CH today too and equally have the same aviator smile . . . my passengers wanted to have a look at their earthquake riddled suburb and the wider effects on the rest of the city area. The actual winds at CH was 010/03 kts on the deck, but 290/33 at 1000ft and 310/45 at 2000ft. You can imagine what the effect was like when transiting through the 'bumps' But do not worry, everyone enjoyed the 'buzz' effect!!. Cheers PD

Rodney said...

Good to hear from you 'PD'. I'm hoping to get back up to speed on the C172 shortly, and then do my BFR when I get back from holiday. As interesting as your views would be, I'm very glad that we don't have those views in Wellington... Cheers! Rodney

Blue Bus said...

Strange way to display the underwing registration on FLT.

What progress with the new hangar where the old Club one used to be ?

Blue Bus