Sunday, October 30, 2011

Flying competition - judges and other aircraft

In this final post from the regional comps, I have a number of "other" aircraft - visitors not directly associated with the comps, as well as pictures of two groups of some of the hardest working people in a competition - the judges. In this case, we have judges on the bombing grid and aeros judges.

Other aircraft are:

Diamond DA40, ZK-MTI, registered to Massey University
Raytheon/ Beech 1900D, ZK-EAC, registered to Eagle Airways departing on their scheduled flight
Jabiru J160, ZK-CCG, registered to a Palmerston North address
TL TL-2000 Sting, ZK-STG, registered to a Palmerston North address


Anonymous said...

Hi there Rodney

Thanks a million for the accollade's accorded to the judges - like the pilots, we do it for the fun of the event and making sure it tick's well for everyone!!!

cheers, thanks again, good to catch up over the weekend.


Rodney said...

Hiya Paul,

No worries. Good to see you also!

I've done very little judging, but whether it's flying, judging, being a groundie or backstage, there's a lot of work that goes into these things. Thankfully we can all do it safely and do it well!