Saturday, August 09, 2014

These Belgians do museums good!

As previously announced, I went to the Brussels Air Museum yesterday. The air museum is part of a much larger military focused museum and, if I had taken the directly route, would have only been about a 1 hour walk from my hotel [which is right next to Brussels Midi train station].

Here are a couple of photos to get us started. You'll see from the first of these, that the Belgians do museums pretty good! The entrance was on the other side and to the left of the massive arches [sorry Berlin, these look bigger and more impressive than yours!].


Chris Nolan said...


I was there at the end of July, was the Maserati birthday celebration museum going on the other side if the square still?


Rodney said...

Hi Chris. No Maserati parties here. Amazing place though! Cheers, Rodney