Saturday, March 27, 2010

Wellington Aero Club Open Day 2010 #4: North American T28C Trojan

OK, I was only going to put up a couple of posts this evening, followed by some more tommorrow... I obviously have little self-control :-)

In this post is a North American T28C Trojan...! The aircraft uses callsign "Trojan 63" and is registered ZK-JGS.

This is an impressive aircraft! While only a 2-seater it is a large aircraft with a big engine and an impressive sound. The pilot [sorry - didn't get his name] was showing people in and around gthe aircraft. The pictures include a cockpit shot I toook while sitting in it, followed by one where I was standing along the wing [yay!].

The final shot is of the departure.

One thing that struck me was the logical layout of the panel and other systems. It almost looked "familiar", even through I had never been in this cockpit before.

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