Sunday, July 29, 2012

A "new" Jetstream and other airliners...

It was yet another awesome weather day at Wellington, so I headed out to get some photos. I wasn't disappointed with some pictures of a "new" British Aerospace Jetstream J32, a Beech C90A and a Boeing 737-8FE.

The Jetstream J32 is ZK-VAH and is registered to Vincent Aviation. I understand that this aircraft is used on charters for Eagle Airways when one of their Raythean B1900D's are not available... I'm sure that Vincent Aviation would be happy for you to charter it also :-) This aircraft was formerly ZK-ECN, and more recently, VH-OTH.

The Beech C90A, ZK-FDN, is registered to Garden City Helicopters, and is used as an air ambulance.

Lastly, the Boeing 737-8FE, ZK-PBM is registered to Virgin Australia Airlines (NZ). I imagine that it won't be long before the bright red paint scheme disappears, as the aircraft are gradually re-painted in the Virgin Australia scheme.


Steve L said...

Has VAH entered service yet??? JSH was flying through AKL for Eagle on Friday.

Rodney said...

Hi Steve,

While I can't be authoritive, it taxied over to the domestic terminal today. Unfortunately, I didn't see it depart but a J32 appears to have done the Eagle flight NZWN to NZWU at 4:10pm today.

Also, a J32 is scheduled to do that flight next Sunday also.



Rodney said...

oops - 3:45pm departure from NZWN. 4:11pm arrival in NZWU.