Thursday, April 28, 2016

Hamburg Airport

More from my recent holiday...

I spent just eight days in Hamburg., Nothing much aviation to report, although I did visit the excellent Miniatur Wunderland (there will be a post on this next week), which includes a large airport section and is apparently based on Hamburg Airport. Well worth the visit if you have a few hours free!

Once at Hamburg airport [ICAO code: EDDH] and after security, there was plenty of opportunity to photograph some of the flying both prior to, and after entering, the "B" gates, which handle non-Schengen area flights.

This post has the first of a two posts covering the happenings at Hamburg airport. There is only one photo of an aircraft on the runway... unfortunately my 55-250 kit lens gets too fuzzy at the 250mm end...

First up is a rather special aircraft - the first Airbus A320 NEO [New Engine Option] in airline service. Note that compared to the other A320's in this post, those engines have a much larger diameter. It's hard to tell from this distance, but there does not appear to be a lot of ground clearance...

Airbus A320-271N [NEO], D-AINA, operated by Lufthansa
Next up is an A320 operated by Aeroflot. If it's registration looks a little odd, that's because it is registered in Bermuda.
Airbus A320-214, VQ-BBB, operated by Aeroflot
This Easyjet aircraft has an interesting livery - one I've not seen on their aircraft before.
Airbus A320-214, G-EZOV, operated by Easyjet

Airbus A320-232, SX-DGO, operated by Aegean Airlines

Airbus A320-232, TC-JPB, operated by Turkish Airlines
There are not too many B757's operating outside of the US and Europe, but this is one of then. Nice to see! This picture shows of the stretch over the -200's used by the RNZAF quite nicely.
Boeing 757-330, D-ABOI, operated by Condor

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