Sunday, May 28, 2017

Flight to the southern Wairarapa and crosswind circuits at Wellington

This video is of a flight to the southern Wairarapa area, followed by some crosswind circuits at Wellington.

Still a bit of work to do on the landings, but I'm working on it :-)


John Macilree said...

Great to watch. Brings back some fun memories of flying with the Wellington Aero Club.

Rodney said...

Thanks John! Glad you enjoyed watching it. It's still fun out here at times, one of the biggest crosswinds I've had in a while :-)

Andrew M said...

That certainly was a serious crosswind. Some readers may not know that crosswinds are rare at WN; at least crosswinds you can fly a GA plane in. Good landings in the circumstances, Rodney.

Rodney said...

Thanks Andrew.

You are right, we rarely get a flyable crosswind, so it was good to get up that day!

The landings went rather well - maybe I'm my own worst critic or something, but still a bit of technique to work on :-)

Cheers, Rodney