Monday, June 12, 2017

Flight last Saturday

This brief video is from last Saturday. I took off for a short flight in reasonably good weather, only to return about 40 minutes later with the visibility reduced close to minimums at around 5-6km to the north of the aerodrome [where I was] and a little more to the south. Fun times?!!

Note around the 47 second mark where I pull the map out... I'm not lost, just checking the flight visibility by comparing what I can see vs what I should be able to see :-)

It was certainly a good reminder of how quickly the weather can change.


Andre said...

What a scenic place to fly, weather or not!

Love the use of a simple VNC too!

Rodney said...

Thanks Andre. It is a lovely place to fly. This is one occasion where a physical map was easier than an electronic one. There were no questions of the scale of the map or layers being displayed :-)

Cheers, Rodney

Andrew M said...

Hi Rodney

That weather turned to crud pretty quickly. How close were you to Special VFR, do you think?


Rodney said...

Hi Andrew,

Yeah, it was quick. I had estimated at least 6km viz. Tower them estimated "5-6km to the north and 8-9 to the south". It was fine, but close to SVFR. I also had a viable option to go to PP is needed.