Thursday, November 30, 2017

Competition aircraft

As mentioned in an earlier post, as the Event Director for the competitions, I didn't have time to take a lot of photos. There were plenty taken by others [FB is a bit of a goldmine for these], but I did get a few.

First up is my favourite aircraft, although it was not competing. This is a Piper PA18, ZK-BTU. The aircraft is a 90Hp model with no flaps, and I'm looking forward to having a fly over Christmas. I should be able to get some more photos and maybe some video also. The aircraft is registered to Wanganui Aero Club, having move there around September of this year.

Piper PA18, ZK-BTU, operated by Wanganui Aero Club
Next up are a couple of photos from the flightline of the visiting aircraft.

Last up is an AESL Airtourer 115, ZK-CWA. This is registered to a Napier address.

AESL Airtourer 115, ZK-CWA

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