Saturday, December 16, 2017

An insult to orangutans perhaps, but still...

This is a Boeing 757-236, VH-TCA, which is operated by Tasman Cargo Airlines of a NSW, Australia address.

If you look closely, it has the sub title of "The Flying Orangutan" near the rear, just below and forward of the picture of Jeremy Clarkson. A bit of an insult to one of them perhaps [and not the one pictured]...

Boeing 757-236, VH-TCA, operated by Tasman Cargo Airlines
BTW - it's not the greatest picture, but it was taken on my cellphone, out the window of an A320 as we taxied past... :-)


Martin Scharnke said...

Does this mean that the Grand Tour is coming Down Under (to Australia, maybe even Godzone) to record an episode?

Wouldn't that be fab!

Rodney said...

Hi Martin,

I'm not sure, but if he is not coming, not sure that we would be missing out on anything :-P