Monday, January 15, 2018

Crossing the Rimutaka Saddle and diverting around a glider

This brief video from last Sunday afternoon is the final part of crossing the Rimutaka Saddle on the way back to Wellington [from Masterton]. Crossing the saddle, we [two of us on board] saw a glider at about out 11 o'clock and higher than us circling beneath a cloud.

We diverted well wide of the glider and the airfield it was operating from. Despite keeping an eye out for it [and making a radio call that was unanswered], we never saw it again, but we were happy onc past the landing strip it operated from.

I suppose it pays to keep an eye out, especially when you don't expect to see anything!

BTW - you won't see the glider in this video - it wasn't that close [there was no collision risk] and it was just out of the video frame.

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