Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Air Chathams and Heliworx

Following on from last week's visit to Whanganui [and much nicer weather than the past few days!], here are photos of three other aircraft.

The first two are from Air Chathams and their scheduled Whanganui to Auckland route. The Convair arrived while I was doing solo circuits on Sunday afternoon and departed a while later.

General Dynamics Allison Convair 440/ 580, ZK-CIF, operated by Air Chathams
Air Chathams SF340A is pictured departing on Tuesday morning. Interestingly, Air Chathams have just received two more SF340's - it'll be interesting to know what work these get put to in the near future.

Saab-Scania SAAB SF340A, ZK-KRA, operated by Air Chathams
The final picture is a Robinson R44 II, ZK-IDO, which is operated by Kapiti Heliworx. Note the Newstalk ZK decals on the side.

Robinson R44 II, ZK-IDO, operated by Kapiti Heliworx

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