Friday, March 16, 2018

Departing Auckland

I've just spent a couple of days in Auckland and here are two photos as we were taxying for departure. They're from my cellphone camera, so not great...

The first photo is an Airbus A340-313, 9H-SUN, which is operated by Hi Fly Malta, and being used to cover for some of Air NZ's grounded B787 Dreamliners. I'm struggling to see any positive comment about the aircraft from those who have flown on them, but I suppose better than the flight being cancelled?

Airbus A340-313, 9H-SUN, operated by Hi Fly Malta
Next up is a Boeing 757-236(PCF), VH-TCA, which is operated by DHL [Tasman Cargo Airlines]. It's a regular visitor to New Zealand with the Jeremy Clarkson mugshot on the tail.

Boeing 757-236(PCF), VH-TCA, operated by DHL [Tasman Cargo Airlines]
Last up is a photo as we approached Wellington for a runway 16 arrival. There was lots of cloud around, including the covering on top of Kapiti Island.

Kapiti Island

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Anonymous said...

VH-TCA is based in Auckland!